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Our specialist team of staff will oversee your project from start to finish. They provide a full range of design services. They plan the construction work, manage the project and any contracts, supervise the work as it is carried out and then deal with any deficiencies at the end. Our expertise covers traditional building jobs as well as contemporary and innovative designs such as energy-efficient projects.
We carry out all types of construction project, regardless of whether we are working on behalf of private clients, investors or public-sector contractors.


Construction Work


Planning and scheduling construction work, managing contractors and contracts, dealing with regulatory procedures – during the actual construction phase, there are many separate factors that need to be monitored and coordinated. Our specialist construction managers professionally and reliably take care of these tasks, so that your construction project can be completed on time.


An overview of our services

  • Site supervision, ensuring compliance with construction permits, planning construction work and all relevant procedures
  • Coordinating the specialists involved in construction supervision (e.g. specialist engineers)
  • Coordinating daily construction records and overseeing schedules
  • Compiling property maintenance procedure manuals 
  • Dealing with planning approvals in consultation with other specialists involved in planning and construction supervision, defining deficiencies
  • Making planning permission applications, with participation
  • Registering warranty periods
  • Dealing with property transfers including compiling and handing over the relevant documents

Overview of our additional services


  • Desktop Site Appraisals
  • Geotechnical Investigations
  • Foundation Works & Ground Treatment
  • Civil Works Design & Detailing
  • Structural Design & Detailing
  • Mineral Investigations
  • Structural Surveys & Reports
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Structural Appraisals
  • Drainage Design & SUDS
  • Contaminated Soil Assessments
  • Road Design
  • Insurance Reports
  • Works Specification
  • Site Supervision & Inspections



To find out more about our services:

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