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If you want to extend your home or just want to know if a wall is loadbearing and can be removed RDA can advise you.


We will provide full drawings, specifications and guideline method statements for your builders for any wall removals, extensions, garages and large decks. RDA are available for any follow up questions and can make minor alterations as required.


For new build and self build, RDA design buildings from foundations up, working closely with your architect to get the look and quality you want in your home.





If you have a crack to your property we can advise on causes and repairs if required. Not all cracks need more than a cosmetic repair, but ongoing or enlarging cracks should always be a cause for further investigation.


We advise of structural matters in Home Reports - whether you have concerns about buying, or need a report of the structure to satisfy solicitor`s concerns. We can provide a full structural report of the building, or a report into a specific noted defect. RDA have a team of experienced engineers who can visit the property and give advice the same day if required, followed by a written confirmation.


If there have been alterations to a property which have been done without a Building Warrant, RDA can inspect the work and advise on any changes which are required to bring the work up to standard, or arrange the paperwork and certification required to satisfy Building Control.


RDA are experts in tenement construction methods, and have designed many alterations to tenement buildings. We are very familiar with the most common changes to layouts and can advise on the best ways of updating the traditional layouts.





At RDA we pride ourselves on not speaking jargon and giving our clients the advice and support they need to take a project from the drawing board to being ready for decoration. Our reports are written in plain English and our engineers are always happy to explain why we have recommended a particular answer. Our domestic clients matter to us as much as our large build clients and receive the same level of service.


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